What is Challvia?

Challvia is an interactive trivia game for people to compete in markets across America for the chance to win daily financial prizes. Play for free, play on your time, play to win money. Challvia is also a powerful tool for companies, organizations, and individuals to reach people through digital marketing at a low cost.


The object of the game is to have the highest score when the 24-hour clock ends. You will receive 9 lives per game to answer as many questions correctly. If after you lose all 9 lives and you don't have the highest score, don't give up. Play again and again! You can play as many times as you like within the 24-hour clock. The player with the highest score wins the game and the money. The money is claimed instantly to your PayPal account. Play for free! Play to win money! Play on your time!


Players collect tokens by answering 12 questions and interacting with the advertisements. The tokens will be used for THE STREAK to increase your chance to win.


Here the player will get three levels of difficulties of question: Easy, Medium and Hard

  • Easy Level: Here players will get easy level questions and earn 15 points. If players have to win the national game, then the player has to attempt more questions as compared to medium level.
  • Medium Level: Here players will get medium level questions and earn 30 points. The difficulty of questions will be more compared to easy level. If players have to win the national game, then players has to attempt more questions as compared to hard level but less than easy level.
  • Hard Level: Here players will get hard level questions and earn 50 points. The difficulty of questions will be higher as compared to easy and medium level. If players have to win the national game, then players has to attempt fewer questions than the easy and medium level.

End of the game

  • At the end of the game, one national contestant will get a cash reward prize.
  • Rest of the players will get tokens, and it will be rolled over till the token finishes to maximize the possibility of winning.
  • Winner will be declared every day at 8:00 am.
Total Money Given $5587.00


Here you will get the Frequently Asked Questions from other players (Users) which may help you and are as follows:

  • 1. What is Challvia Game?
  • 2. Does it cost anything to sign up?
  • 3. Can I have more than one account?
  • 4. What will be the eligibility criteria to play the game?
  • 5. How will I get cash rewards?
  • 6. What would be the timing of the game?
  • 7. How many players can play simultaneously?
  • 8. What would be the criteria to become a winner?
  • 9. Can I keep my earned token for further use?
  • 10. How many times can I play in one day?
  • 11. Can I like/share my earned tokens?
  • 12. Can I follow my friends who are playing the game?
  • 13. Can I get tokens on swiping left on Advertisement?
  • 14. How many lives will I get on the first level (Charge) of the game?
  • 15. Can I change the difficulty level for the next question?
  • 16. For each question how many seconds I will get to answer?
  • 17. What do you mean by Account Privacy?
  • 18. When will the winner be declared?
  • 19. How many contestants will get the cash prize?
  • 20. Can I increase the lives?
Challvia is the ultimate quiz game. It contains more than 4,000 questions that are developed by our team of educators. There are questions about Geography, Sports, mythology, celebrities and so on. There are questions for everyone! Knowledge is power. Test your General Knowledge! You can compare your knowledge with the rest of the nation!
No, It’s Free
No, one contestant will have one account only
Contestant should be greater than 13 Years old
Cash reward will be transferred online on the winner’s bank account
Starting time - 8:00 am and End time - 7:30 am (Next day)
No limit of players to play the game
The one who achieves the highest score will be the winner

Player can keep their earned tokens and can be used in these manners -

• Earned tokens can be redeemed on selecting to remove one wrong answer

• To get a final answer from the options

• To add time in current question to answer it

• Player can redeem the tokens to get the deals

In a particular day, one player can play the game to win. Next time in that very day he/she can play the game but will not be considered as winning contestant.
Yes, Player can like and share earned tokens through the provided social media in-app
Yes, Player can follow and get the follower request from others as well
No, Player will not get any tokens
Player will get nine lives on the first level (Charge)
Player can change the difficulty level of the questions to Easy/Medium/Hard, and the questions will display accordingly.
Player will get 20 seconds to answer the particular question

Public – If the player clicks on public option then all the information can be seen by others

Private – If the player clicks on private option then Profile Picture and Player Name can be seen only by others

Every day at 8:00 am the winner will be declared.
Only one National contestant will get the cash prize and rest of the contestant will get the tokens to utilize it.
No, Players cannot increase their lives but for every wrong answer, the lives will get a decrease.


  • The latest survey depicts that Challvia - The new buzz in the gaming world ruling the hearts of the local markets.
  • Challvia has been proclaimed as the massive game.
  • The record has been broken by most of the players.

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